Los tacones de Santiago!!!
Right from the center of the world comes a horrible monster... You don't want to be friends with it....

Likes sakka shotas and videogames....
Total abuse of this emoticon :V

Sometimes it draws... When it's not complaining about stuff...

It's usually mad at everything.

'neonmonstah is secretly an inazuma. probably the best shota in the world, and is also a super cool artist.' - ArsenicAqua


If you want the new url send me an ask

I’ll officially move tomorrow since I’m going to sleep soon pfff

I’ll still use this blog to post some drawings I owe and idk what else….

7!! i forgot if i sent u already

7: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand. 

ahahaha :’D 

I’m right-handed btw!

Artist ask: 1 5 9 11 Saluditossss

Ta un poquito largo D:

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12:Favorite thing to draw? 13:Least favorite thing to draw? -lazeplz-

amo los conejos tontos, me dibujo mucho cuando no se me ocurre nada que dibujar (yeah that’s me), y piernas!! uuuh pero no soy dizque buena haciendolas but I still like to do it… but that’s just because I like legs…

todavía no entiendo esas cosas, cómo funcionan???


Sylvain Chomet (Les Triplettes de Belleville, L’Illusionniste) did a couch gag on The Simpsons and it’s exactly what you’d expect.

I will take a time off of tumblr, internet in general I guess

I’m not ok right now so… if you want to tell me something (I highly doubt so) go to my ask box, I always check it



I love cows so much omg

OMG kill me

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流星ボーイ - 木野秋(CV:折笠富美子)&音無春奈(CV:佐々木日菜子)&雷門夏未(CV:小林沙苗)

Ryuusei Boy - Kino Aki (CV: Orikasa Fumiko), Otonashi Haruna (CV: Sasaki Hinako), Raimon Natsumi (CV: Kobayashi Sanae)

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